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Bought a PS TV

Time to run my games from TV.


Energy Skate released to Playstation Vita!

Energy Skate is out!
My kids helped me with the Graphics. 🙂

Stepped up a bit and implemented online highscore system with PHP and MySQL.


Nokia X reward

Redeemed three Nokia X phones from DVLUP.

Now I can actually see my apps in this platform. When I released apps you could remote control Nokia X phones from Nokia’s headquarters and you didnt need one for developement.
It was basically an Android phone.

Extra two phones I will give to my kids.


Nvidia Shield Tablet

Ordered NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet 8″ – WIFI – 16GB. This will be a good device for developing Android games.

Lumia 930 Reward

Redeemed Lumia 930 reward from DVLUP.


Application to PSM send.

My application to be a Playstation Mobile Developer.. is aproved!



Lumia 625 reward

Cashed out one Lumia 625 from DVLUP.


Flappy erm Fatty Bird released!

Everyone does this!

Update: version with online highscore updated

720p_2 fatty_bird_icon

LevelUp event in Kajaani

Participated in LevelUp event in Kajaani by Microsoft. Got some free pizza, t-shirt and furry cap. Also released few meaningless dice apps in event to score dvlup points.






Prizes prizes everywhere!

Redeemed my first DVLUP rewards!