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Cube Dasher

Released Cube Dasher. Gameplay is similar to Geometry Dash.

Used 2D Impossible Run from asset store as a base.

Available to PS Vita and PS TV.
PSM Store closed.

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Photon PUN+

Tested some PS vita multiplayer gaming with Photon PUN+ and Photon Angry Bots Multiplayer Showcase.
Had the the Angry Bots running in multiplayer with PS vita controller buttons mapped in few hours.

Purchased the PUN from 24h sale.

Nokia 820 Developer Edition

Redeemed two Lumia 820 phones from DVLUP.

I gave these to my kids, maybe they start developing something..
They have been complaining that the Nokia X is a laggy piece of … 😀




Bought Space Blockles from asset store and released it as Pojong to PS Vita and PS TV.
Two player support. Instant hit ^.^

Available for PS Vita and PS TV.
PSM store closed.


2014-11-28-110025 2014-11-28-110045 2014-11-28-110102 2014-11-28-110128 pojong

Pojong for PS Vita

Another release for PS Vita. Pojong!


Bought a PS TV

Time to run my games from TV.


Energy Skate rolled out!

Thrilling gameplay inspired games like Hill Climb Racing and OlliOlli.
Too bad I only had time to make one level..

Online highscore system with PHP and MySQL.

Available for PS Vita and PS TV.
PSM store closed.



Energy Skate released to Playstation Vita!

Energy Skate is out!
My kids helped me with the Graphics. 🙂

Stepped up a bit and implemented online highscore system with PHP and MySQL.


Fatty Bird is out!

Released my own Flappy Bird clone in hopes to get that 50.000 dollars in a day. 🙂
Forgot to add the ads, DAMN!

Available for PS Vita, PS TV, Windows Phone, Nokia X and Android.
Microsoft removed Flappy Bird clones from their store..
Nokia X and PSM store closed.

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Nokia X reward

Redeemed three Nokia X phones from DVLUP.

Now I can actually see my apps in this platform. When I released apps you could remote control Nokia X phones from Nokia’s headquarters and you didnt need one for developement.
It was basically an Android phone.

Extra two phones I will give to my kids.