My latest release climbed up to top 5 games for few weeks in Finland. (iOS/Android)

I’m hobbyist computer guy from Finland and this site was created just for online privacy policy for my applications. At summer 2015 I had some spare time to write up my “developing” journey. Everything got started November 2013 when I got email from Microsoft to enter challenge contest by Challenge was to make software for Windows Phone and get 100 downloads in store for it. Prizes where good so I thought that would be pretty easy task with Unity. Soon after this Microsoft offered great prizes again for releasing software to Nokia X android phone and rereleasing softaware from Google Play Store on their platform. So I ended up getting the Android developement license and released software into Play Store.
Then I stumbled in blog post that Sony’s Playstation Vita could run PlayStation®Mobile(PSM) games and registration fee was removed. I just had bought Vita for my kids and thought that would be cool to make my own games for it. After few months waiting I got email from Sony that I got the development licence. Soon after releasing the games I made for Windows Phone to PSM portal I noticed that they actually sell in this platform. So next step was to quickly get more games to sell and the Unity Asset Store helped me to push up to 5 games in few months. Well.. while the fun lasted I wasn’t the only one who noticed this and soon the store was flooded with “great” games. 🙂

And then these news hit the streets:

“SCE regrettably announce the discontinuation of the PlayStation®Mobile(PSM) Developer Program, which includes the discontinuing of content distribution on PSM store on July 15, 2015 and closure of the PSM DevPortal on November 30, 2015.”

So next I ended up releasing games on iOS and Android just for fun. After seeing the numbers what top games generate in Finland I thought collecting bottles might be better hobby. 🙂 Well at least I have stories to tell how my apps sold thousands of copies in Playstation Store. #cry